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We have been able to make text messaging come across as one of the most cost-effective ways with our hardware SMS gateway that is used for sending out for a variety of tasks like risk management, earthquake early warning, online casino marketing, being a good public warning system and presenting the most excellent form of off-grid communication. Whatever be the objective of yours, Addstore Technology related to the GSM SMS gateway hardware, we can help in the developing of a business case. The options can be well evaluated along with having a solution quickly deployed. Thus, everyone starts enjoying SMS benefits.

We are the specialists of government messaging

Our team is dedicated to understanding the objectives of yours. Thus, we help develop a case of business, assist with the RFPs and help in making you select the best technologies for meeting the requirements of yours. We are independently audited and also compliant fully with regulations of all sorts. In fact, with our 4g SMS gateway employed we have built an excellent track record to work with government at any level. These include local fire departments to international organizations.

The usual government cases

Emergency services

As per the need of an emergency, we turn out to be an efficient 3g 4g LTE 5G SMS broadcaster that becomes a nuclear alert system and sometimes even an early warning system. These SMS sent from our hardware devices are used for sending updates, meeting the notifications, bans on vehicle movement and the volunteers so that operational efficiency public safety can be well improved.


We have made our mark in the healthcare sector in our domain of working with the government. The SMSs are integrated into the existing appointment software of the hospital increasing the satisfaction of patients besides also cutting down the administrative costs.


Over recent years, governments worldwide came to the conclusion that current public warning channels such as sirens, radio, and TV are no longer sufficient. As people carry mobile phones with them wherever they go, using the mobile phone as an alert device is an obvious choice. SMS Broadcast has, therefore, garnered much interest from governments across the world for emergency alerts services.
GSMPlus and Veylor products work on the assumption that even when mobile carrier services are down, people will still have their handsets with them. All GSMPlus needs to then do, is communicate with these handsets.
The GSMPlus Emergency SMS Alert Broadcaster is able to send out messages to a mobile phone's SMS inbox, with or without working cellular service. Using this easy to operate portable transmitter, you will be able to send out a one-way broadcast message - complete with a personalized alpha-numeric sender ID - that will be received by all mobile phones, regardless of their frequency or carrier, so long as they are within its range of reception.
The sender does even not have to know the mobile numbers of the recipients, as the message will pass through the GSMPlus Emergency SMS Alert Broadcaster's own transmitter, bypassing the regular Telco's, to reach mobile phone users. The portable transmitter may be set up in five minutes and may be powered by a car battery or through solar cells.
SMS Broadcast is a robust and proven technology. It distributes text messages and binary content to mobile handsets specific to their location and within a matter of seconds. Ideal for emergency alerts and other time-sensitive services. SMS Broadcast also enables revenue-generating services that rely on location, such as mobile advertising and dynamic tariffing.
With SMS Broadcast, it is possible to send a text message to thousands of cellphones, in near real-time, with location-specific information without being affected by network congestion.
An SMS broadcast software free has specifically been designed for messaging of general alerts, emergency, calamity, and disaster. It is indeed one of the most effective solutions for location-based mobile marketing and a targeted campaign of marketing for events and private venues. If truth be told, it is our GSMPlus emergency SMS broadcast of alerts that has garnered maximum interest from the governments all across the globe. Our SMS broadcast free device has been able to ready the organizations for critical events on a large scale that may impact many regions with flexible ways of quick communication and being able to communicate broadly to an audience that is diverse. either way, we have you covered for anything like tsunami SMS warning, proximity marketing, emergency alarm to mobile marketing and crises communication, With our mass notification service there is a lot of ease-of-use which allows users at any level for easily getting emergency communications through the SMS broadcaster of Addstore Technology.