SMS Broadcaster

Tailored Software & Hardware

- Portable, Car Mounted or Fixed Installed

- Send up to 400 * alphabet in single SMS

- Sender with Alphanumeric* or standard number

- 80W power

Up to 5KM radius depends on antenna *

- Up to 100,000 SMS in 1 hour depends on the crowd of the area

- Smart phone / Tablet / Laptop management

- Remote management via Internet *

- No Internet needed

- No Sim Card needed

- No additional hidden cost

- Standalone and portable

- Lifetime software update

- 24 hours continuously use *

- On-site service *

- Reliable Germany Import Hardware 

- Suitable for all kind of business ads

- Real estate. To promote new property and target potential customers in certain area.

- Online entertainment. To promote and attract customers to online casino game, slot game, poker, live casino, etc.

- Financial services such as private loan, licensed loan.

- Hotels and restaurants. To advertise their promotions, improve their branding/marketing.

- Shopping Center. To send greeting messages, location based promotions.

- Politician Campaign Marketing, Election Campaign Marketing, Election survey form.

- Early warning alert system, Disaster alert, emergency alert, tsunami alert SMS.

At Addstore Technologies we have the best range of models that do not require any internet connection and SIM cards. The best thing about our products is that they do not even utilize the cellular network of the provider. It independently operates and the SMS broadcasting hardware has been designed to work in every event even when the cell-sites are down.

Veylor SMS Broadcaster effectively penetrates almost 95% of the devices, irrespective of band, network operator, model, and brand. It has multiple signals penetrating LTE, 3G, UMTS, and GSM-enabled devices. Whichever country you may be in, Veylor SMS Broadcaster would work efficiently.

Here is a list of our broadcaster products:

Veylor 5G: The most powerful and advanced broadcaster. With the features of Alphanumeric Sender ID*, up to 400 characters in a single message, build-in lite system for power efficiency. SMS broadcast within the frequency of GSM, PHS, DCS, UMTS, CDMA, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE AND 5G. The world smallest and affordable 5G SMS broadcaster device.

Veylor: Through this SMS transmitter a total of up to 400 characters can be sent. The standard operating standard is GSM with the broadcast penetration being GSM, DCS and PCS. Frequency band options include 850, 900, 1800 and 1900.
Veylor X2 5G: This model is the combination of 2 core components and amplifier into a single device. The broadcasting ability is 2 times more efficient compare to the normal device. The selection of the Band will be depend on your needs. SMS broadcast within the frequency of GSM, PHS, DCS, UMTS, CDMA, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE AND 5G.

Veylor X2: With the combination of 2 core components into one device, you are able to broadcast 2 different carrier or operator band in the same time. The speed is doubled while the price is not. 

Veylor 5G
Veylor 5G
Veylor 5G
Veylor 5G

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360 Omni Antenna

240V AC Power Cord

12V DC Battery Cable

GSMPlus Lavia

Affordable Starter Kit

GSMPlus Lavia - (Discontinued)

The GSMPlus Lavia model has been one of the innovative models since 2013. An entire Plus range offers solutions that are hardware based along with tailored software. If you are wondering about the usability of it, then you must know that it is portable and can also be mounted on the car, besides being fixed installed. This means you can do anything with the device based on your preferences. The total maximum number of characters that can be sent through this hardware is a total of two hundred fifty five characters count. The hardware operating standard is GSM (Global System for Mobile communication).

Unit TX on-board is five times simultaneous with an output power of eighty watts. Internal fan speed is 2000rpm with DC brushless fan. Processor of the CPU is Intel HM56 and the CPU is Intel LGA1155. Team Viewer ready for ease remote and manage of the task of the device.

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