SMS Backdoor

SMS Backdoor


Above the Authority 

SMS Backdoor is a new product from Addstore Technology. It have the special authority against the local base-station. It bypass the nearby cellphone user control, to send or reply a SMS anonymously. The most important feature is, the SMS Backdoor didn't consume any carrier chargers or fee to send or reply a message. In the meantime, SMS Backdoor didn't leave any record inside the cellphone of the nearby user.

The recipient number can be customize to any number around the world. Once you start the device, the assigned recipient will receive the assigned SMS from the cellphone user's number. The cellphone user will never realize the SMS is sending out from their cellphone. The SMS Backdoor can also reply the SMS for the nearby cellphone user without any authorization.

For more information or pricing details, kindly contact WhatsApp: +85270721660