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IMSI Tracker

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10000mw GSM IMSI Tracker

IMSI Tracker is design to collect nearby cellphone's IMSI.
IMSI ( International Mobile Subscriber Identity) , is used to identify an individual mobile subscriber with a unique code. The system is possible to decrypt more information such as cellphone number and etc.

IMSI Tracker can be mount or install at the Street Light, Shops, Supermarket, Stadium, Hotel, Bar, Shopping Center, Airport, Bus Station, or others Public Transport Station and Terminal. It can collect most of the IMSI within the coverage without limitation. The database depends on the population of the location.

The main features of IMSI Tracker:

- Original Data, date and time when the individual visits the location.
- Group Analysis, which individual is grouping together with another individual or team.
- Which individual always visit a certain place. ( Hotel, Bar, etc)
- Be notified when the target individual visit the target location.
- History Route of the target individual.
- AI plugin for all kind of condition query and analysis.

The IMSI Tracker can be operate by the server node, all database can be collected and save in the server. It can search and collect any operator's IMSI without permission and limitation around the world. It works individually with a minimal power consumption without using any operator's SIM card.

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