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We are having a crowd funding for this incredible tiny handheld SMS Broadcaster - Veylor Core!

The "Veylor Core" named as a core device of Veylor products! The Veylor core is unique, palm size, battery operated, multi functional, and most importantly it's signal strength is expendable!

The change of the technology is incredible SPEEDY! Veylor 5G award as the world's No. 1# 5G SMS Broadcaster! Veylor 5G has been work perfectly in penetration of 5G network in its prototype device. Well done to our clients that provide all cooperation and assistant in this wonderful product!

Veylor 5G build with 9 extra antenna...

Veylor 4G Plus


The New Born SMS Broadcaster!

The world's NO.1 cost efficiency 4G SMS Broadcaster. This is the cheapest, best quality, and best result SMS Broadcasting device in the world. The Veylor 4G Plus is able to broadcast SMS to nearby cellphone, no matter what frequency of the network they are using.

The build-in reducer can reduce all...

#New Veylor


The amazing design of GSMPlus Veylor!
We have minimize upto 40% of the size from previous design. The intelligent of airflow system help reduce power consumption of the device. In the meantime, the better air circulation also reduce the heat of the device and built efficiency of work.

To send SMS in 4G/LTE network, there is several ways. The efficient way with affordable cost, is to add on a hardware or software reducer. The distance for reducing the 4G signal is depends on the signal power of the amplifier. The higher the signal power, the wider the coverage. It also depends on nearby signal strength.

We have proposed our newly ...

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