Veylor 4G Plus : Sending SMS in 4G / LTE Coverage


To send SMS in 4G/LTE network, there is several ways. The efficient way with affordable cost, is to add on a hardware or software reducer. The distance for reducing the 4G signal is depends on the signal power of the amplifier. The higher the signal power, the wider the coverage. It also depends on nearby signal strength.

We have proposed our newly 4G SMS Broadcaster to our existing client. Our GSMPlus Veylor 4G Plus is now able to send SMS to 4G standby user within a limited range. The most important part is we build this product with the affordable cost during this Covid-19 Pandemic period. Stay away from high cost device with low efficiency result. Stay away from copy product. 

Please contact our dealer or representative for more information if we missed you out. Once again, we thank for your continues support.