Scammer and Clone alert!


"Been trying to contact them for weeks. Had a couple of questions and wanted to speak to someone on the phone. all messages ignored. Wouldn't recommend sending them $10,000+ in cryptocurrency after customer support is non-responsive. Will update or delete if they ever get back to me."  review from a victim.

Scammers are very professional now day. We feel sorry for the victims. Everyone is advised to be alert to scammer's websites and products. Their domain name seems professional. The scammer usually buys a genuine product from us, they then clone it and resell it in the market. They usually create a lot of variety and models, just confusing consumers, and pretending they are professional. 

Scammers are always changing their contact number, the address is usually a fake address. Their selling prices are very attractive. The demonstration of their products is true to believe.

Anyone who gets cheated by this scammer, feel free to contact us. We may provide you with the owner's details, you can try to complain or report to the related department. Once again, we feel sorry for the victims.