Veylor 5G! Lets Roam!


The change of the technology is incredible SPEEDY! Veylor 5G award as the world's No. 1# 5G SMS Broadcaster! Veylor 5G has been work perfectly in penetration of 5G network in its prototype device. Well done to our clients that provide all cooperation and assistant in this wonderful product!

Veylor 5G build with 9 extra antenna to penetrade all signals frequencies. Veylor 5G is ultra durable and power efficiency. It work independently and no centralized software to manage it. Client could freely operate this monster without any limitation! #0 Fees #Free For Life

Veylor 5G has been tested in perfect penetration not only in 5Gs frequencies, also 4G, and all other frequencies. It solves all the issues in Veylor 4G+. Any client with Veylor 4G+ are entitled to upgrade your device to Veylor 5G for FREE. Addstore Technologies is offering a limited Lifetime Warranty for Veylor 5G. Thank you and lets roam the world! 

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