Are you ready? Our new product is on going for finalization!


After few years of research in SMS Machine, we gather all our customers opinion and request, and input into our developing task. We have a clear vision, is to efficiently gain our customers business amount in the shortest time, after they use our products. SMS Broadcast Marketing is proven and efficiently deliver the marketing ads to the location-based cellphone user. In other way, Emergency SMS Broadcaster also save million of lives when disaster.

The new GSMPlus come with a military-based design. With a IP65 water proofing and anti shocking Pelican Case. Portable and handy design, build in multiple GSM band. Our brand new GSMPlus will be able to send SMS upto 400 characters in a single SMS. User have no restrict in sender number, to send unlimited free SMS to nearby cellphone users.

We are in the final stage now, is to complete a few test and finalize our product. We appreciate for all our clients for the continues support and trust. We will publish once the product is ready, stay tuned.....