Beware of copy products in the market!


A new team of cyber-crime is active now. They start attract our customer with a copy product from China. They simulate our products with our photo, when you purchase their products, they will show you another products, and explain to be a newer version, duo antenna, strong power or etc. Be alert of those copy product, as the device is almost 90% similar to our device. With a different name of Hi-Tech terminal and selling from different company. We do not take any responsible or after sales service if the device is not our products. Below we update some fake information or copy products in the recent market. The name of the products had change to alatsms from our original name. In the meantime, sms tanpapulsa and machine also been used in the copy products.

A good product will always plagiarized, but never be overtaken. The copy products had no guarantee, no technical support, no update, low quality. We are not only a product seller, we build trust, we build your needs, we build with professional.....