GSMPlus Veylor - SMS Broadcasting Device with Alphanumeric* sender ID is now available!!!


Introducing of our new product, GSMPlus Veylor

The GSMPlus Veylor is now available for order. Kindly remind that GSMPlus Veylor is now in Beta version, we need your help to improve this product by sending us your feedback. With this powerful device, you can blast SMS with your own brand name in ALPHANUMERIC* and up to 400 characters in single SMS.

Improvement compare to previous products:

- Lite System
- Alphanumeric Sender ID
- 400 Characters in single SMS
- Any language input
- No limitation of sending content
- Worldwide Version
- Remote Upgrade Service

Our vision is to fulfill your needs. Your satisfaction is our motivation. Kindly contact our representative for inquiry.

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